SDC-50P Double Head Tube Chamfering Machine


1. All kinds of materials can be chamfered by the machine. 2. Double head working. 3. High work efficiency. 4. Saving manpower. 5. Stable chamfering for great workpieces.

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※ Can finish internal angle, external angle and pipe end at one time.

※ Automatic clamping, automatic blades penetrating and returning, fast speed, big capacity, high efficiency, convenient operation, easy learning and understanding.

※ The speed of main shaft blade penetrating can be adjusted, fast speed and work speed functions are available.

※ In accordance with chamfering processing of work pieces of different size, only need to change the clamp fixtures and adjust the blade bed.

※ Exclusive SCM control system provides the advantageous use and friendly operation.
Technical parameters SDC-50P
Pipe diameter capability Φ12~Φ50mm
The length of chamfer working piece 55~500mm
Rotation speed 800/1600
Main motor 2.2kw
Pneumatic pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Suitable material Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper (pipe and iron bar)
Size 1750×850×820mm
Weight About 500kg